How to make spaghetti with tomatoes and basil: a Michelin chef’s recipe

How to make spaghetti with tomatoes and basil: a Michelin chef’s recipe

Today we offer you to cook classics of Italian cuisine spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil recipe by Pasquale Palamaro, Chef of the Regina Isabell (1 Michelin star).

“Spaghetti al pomodoro e basilico classic of the gulf of Naples. It is impossible to imagine Italian cuisine in general without this pasta. I will tell you how to cook a dish at home. The ingredient list is simple, but there are a few cooking secrets. The aroma of freshly cooked pasta with tomatoes, mixed with the aroma of fresh basil and olive oil (by the way, I don’t insist on Parmesan, as it can muffle the aroma of pasta), light white wine in a glass, and now everyone has gathered at the table for an Italian lunch … I am sure that, having dealt with their plate, many will ask if there is still … “, – says Pasquale Palamaro.

The recipe is for 4 persons.

Ingredients for the sauce: cherry tomatoes (300 g), olive oil (60 ml), basil (8 leaves), garlic (1 clove), coarse salt (to taste).

Ingredients for spaghetti: spaghetti (400 g), butter (50 g), basil (4 leaves), grated parmesan (optional).

Cooking method:

1. Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters.

2. Heat olive oil in a 25 cm frying pan, add garlic and a few coarse salt crystals.

3. After five minutes, when the garlic is browned, add the cherry tomatoes.

4. Cook the sauce for another five minutes, then turn off the heat and add 8 basil leaves. It is best to tear them apart with your hands rather than cutting them with a knife.

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5. Place the spaghetti in boiling salted water and cook for half the time indicated on the package. When draining the water, leave a little for the sauce.

6. Combine the spaghetti with the sauce and cook the remaining half of the time, stirring occasionally and adding the remaining spaghetti water if necessary.

7. Finally add the butter and 4 basil leaves. Stir the cooked spaghetti until the butter melts and combines with the sauce.

8. Serve garnished with basil and grated Parmesan (optional).

Author: Zhanna Spiridonova.

Photo: press materials.

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