Horoscope for October: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Horoscope for October: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Astrologer Ksenia Gennek made a love horoscope for October 2019 especially for Wedding readers. Look for your zodiac sign and read what the stars have in store for you this fall. We have not deprived anyone of attention, the horoscope was drawn up both for those who are in a couple and for those who are still free.

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Until October 8th, Aries has a great dating period in order to create a lasting relationship. Therefore, it is worth showing maximum activity and initiative, which should not be difficult for representatives of this sign. After October 8th, Aries will be drawn to stormy relationships and passions. This craving will persist throughout the month. The sexuality of this sign will also be increased and, as a result, the desire to embark on sexual adventures. If you have been in a stable relationship for a long time, then after the 8th there is a risk of crisis situations in the union. But this can easily be avoided by the variety of your sexual life or a joint sports hobby with your partner, preferably with a share of extreme.


Almost all of October will be perfect for single Taurus. You should definitely use this time for personal acquaintances, carefully look at the representatives of the opposite sex who are around you and do not hesitate to meet yourself. Venus will favor you in your love endeavors. Many unstable Taurus relationships can progress to a more serious stage. After the 8th, a good period for engagement and marriage. For family Taurus, the time is also great. If before your relationship went through difficult times, now you should start harmonizing them.


Gemini are expected to have an increased likelihood of romance at work. A romantic relationship may develop with a longtime colleague or even a boss / s. I advise lonely Gemini to find time for outdoor activities and sports, it is there that you can meet the hero of your novel. The family representatives of this sign can be covered by a wave of domestic difficulties or work issues, which will interfere with the relationship. You should not make decisions on emotions, only a balanced and thoughtful approach will help you find a way out.

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Cancer month will bring an abundance of romantic acquaintances. It can be dating through social networks, dating while traveling. Therefore, do not rush to immediately block a stranger who wrote to you on the Internet. But nevertheless, representatives of this sign in October will be lucky to make acquaintances of a more frivolous nature, at least the established relationship will not immediately be perceived as something serious. For family Cancers, a period of romance will come. This is a very favorable time to bring an element of novelty and play into a long-term relationship. Give each other gifts, make surprises, go on vacation together. This will help you revive your old feelings.

a lion

Until October 8th, Lviv has an excellent dating period. In order not to miss the opportunity, you should go on a trip, even for a walk in the nearest city, do not exclude communication with relatives, through whom the chances of acquaintance are high and in no case be afraid of communication on the Internet. If you’ve been thinking about taking a relationship course for a long time, now is the time. For Lions who are already in a relationship, this period is suitable for marriage or after the 8th to start living together. The stars will also favor Family Leo. After the 8th and until the end of the month, you will feel that the relationship has become much better and warmer. Plus the period is favorable for home shopping.


Until October 8, Virgos should not stint and invest in their appearance, it can be cosmetic procedures, SPA, starting classes in the gym or buying beautiful clothes. After the 8th, such investments will bear fruit: those who previously avoided you will begin to pay attention to you, and more attention from strangers / approx. Especially a lot of acquaintances will be on trips, in various courses and through social networks. October for you good time for marriage. If you are a family Virgo, then it will be useful to go on a small trip to harmonize relations.

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Until October 8, the influence of Venus will give Libra a special appeal in the eyes of the opposite sex, which will automatically increase the number of their fans. After the 8th, Libra should take care of their appearance, go shopping. Acquaintances before the end of the month can take place in stores, gyms and other places to improve their appearance. Family Libra will also be especially adorable for their significant other. They have an increased chance of receiving pleasant gifts throughout the month.


For Scorpios, the month will be rich in love adventures like no other sign. Stormy passions await you, obstacles that must be overcome for the sake of love everything is like in a love story. Up to the 8th, the likelihood of long-distance romances is increased. You may be attracted to a secret relationship, it is likely that you will develop relationships that you do not want to advertise. From the 8th, Scorpios will attract increased attention of the opposite sex. The stars are advised to family Scorpios to direct their love ardor into existing relationships, and not spray it on fleeting hobbies.


Until October 8th, there are high opportunities for friendship to flow into romance. Or you can meet your love in a friendly company, for example, through a friend. In general, I advise you to communicate more, to take part in social and volunteer events. After the 8th, there is a high probability of dating on a long trip. If such trips are not planned, then you can meet a person who is nice to you and close in spirit thanks to the Internet. Family Sagittarius at the beginning of the month will be pulled free. Good advice to their partners do not try to limit the freedom of action of your chosen ones / tsam.

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Until the 8th, Capricorns can expect a romantic acquaintance at their favorite place, that is, at work. Another variant in a state institution, in places where their social status has increased. After October 8, acquaintances can occur through friends, colleagues or at social events. Family Capricorns by the middle of the month will want a breath of freedom and freshness in relationships. But do not rush to break off the relationship, the best way out is temporary separation.


Until October 8, it would be good for Aquarius to go on a journey to find a relationship, there will definitely be abundant attention of fans. Another great option for dating trainings, courses, educational institutions. Period after October 8th in general, not the best time for personal relationships, but even during this period, Aquarians will catch on themselves interested glances, many of which will be from colleagues at work. Family Aquarius will benefit from joint training, a course or a trip.


Paired Pisces have a crisis period in terms of relationships until October 8th. But there is a way independently bring a spark of extreme to the union. For example, come up with a somewhat extreme option for a joint vacation. If you are a lonely Pisces, then until the middle of the month a special magnetism will emanate from you, which you should definitely use. After October 8th, representatives of this sign have a high probability of meeting foreigners, both in travel and at home.

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