George Clooney

George Clooney

The path to an acting career only at first glance may seem simple and not thorny. Every minister of Melpomene known to us had ups and downs, disappointments in the chosen profession, downtime in the shooting schedule. Only strong personalities with a hardened character and faith in their own strength did not lose heart and steadfastly endured life’s adversities.

George Clooney

A keen sensation in a situation where everything is going well and smoothly, and one grandiose role follows another, that there, around the bend, you can expect failure. Actors who, even for a while, were deprived of the opportunity to create on stage and on the screen, grab, like a straw, at any proposal. And then, the eternal thirst for work turns on, and the actors can no longer stop, and bring themselves to exhaustion.

It is difficult to say that the acting career of George Clooney was cloudless, and he was in demand in his young years. Clooney’s professional development and maturation took more than ten years. Only in 1994 he was offered a role in the series “Ambulance”. Only after the success of this serial film followed by “Operation Argo”, “Gravity”, “Ocean’s Twelve”.

Experiments in the cut of classic suits

Today we have a masculine, sexy image dressed in tailored suits with a barely open collar. George Clooney was named one of the most fashionable men of 2013.

George Clooney

Giving preference to black, dark blue, brown shades, its appearance is not devoid of variety and creativity. The choice of these colors is quite correct, since against their background Clooney’s noble gray hair looks especially advantageous, giving a certain mystery and charisma, which cannot but attract the attention of the opposite sex.

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The main experiments in clothing are carried out in the cut of the jacket. Fitted variations are cleverly complemented by lapels of sparkling black satin, which only emphasizes the snow-white shirt or bib, which is framed by an elegant bow tie.

Clooney’s wardrobe also includes straight-cut suits with slightly tapered grooves, which allows to emphasize the athletic figure of the actor.

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