Films about love: what to watch for brides in self-isolation

Films about love: what to watch for brides in self-isolation

A good movie will always help you distract yourself from sad thoughts. Wedding recommends proven films – about love and more. Happy viewing! What’s your favorite romcom?

Kate and Leo“, (2001)

A film that fits into the current trend of nostalgia – New York at the beginning of the 2000s, commercials, pagers. “Kate and Leo” is considered a classic rom-com that is now undeservedly forgotten. It seems the time has come to remember them.

Dirty dancing“, (1987)

The story of one summer, which turned the lives of the main characters. The first love of Francis, whom everyone affectionately calls Baby, and the dancer Johnny, unconvinced of the joys of life. The tape has become a classic of American cinema, and the soundtrack from there, the song The Time Of My Life, won an Oscar and is still quoted by musicians.

Pride and Prejudice“, (2005)

Now let’s move on from the classics of cinema to the classic literature. A screen adaptation of Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice by virtuoso director Joe Wright, who also gave us Anna Karenina. In the main role – actress Keira Knightley, who, by the way, admitted that she always identified herself with Lizzie Bennett. The actress said that she often even dreams on behalf of the heroine of the novel Austin.

Pretend my wife“, (2011)

A light comedy with a wonderful acting duet of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. He is a successful surgeon trying to please his young lover. She is his loyal friend and part-time secretary who must help him with this task. A pleasant bonus is the mesmerizing Hawaiian landscapes.

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Cinderella», (2015)

The adaptation of the Disney cartoon classic was very colorful. The multicolored ballroom costumes, sets and decorations create a fabulous atmosphere. What is just one cinderella wedding dress! A great film to return to childhood for a short time and again believe in miracles.

Spices and Passions“, (2014)

A movie perfect for a dinner together. The plot is built around an Indian family forced to leave their homeland and settle in the French hinterland. By chance, they open their own restaurant of national cuisine opposite an elite French establishment with a Michelin star. On two sides of this culinary duel are two chefs, a kind of Romeo and Juliet from the gastronomic world.

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