Everything you need to know about lovestory: says Maksud Sharipov

Everything you need to know about lovestory: says Maksud Sharipov

How to find the perfect wedding videographer? What genre of wedding video should you choose? How to look organically in the frame? Videographer Maksud Sharipov answers the questions of Wedding magazine.

Maksud Sharipov is the winner of the 2018 Wedding Awards in the Best Staged Wedding Video (Lovestory) nomination.

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How to choose the right wedding videographer? What should future newlyweds pay attention to?

– First of all, I advise you to pay attention to the videographer’s portfolio, moreover, to the portfolio as a whole, not only to the latest works, but also to the first ones. If you like everything in terms of shooting style, editing, frame dynamics, musical accompaniment, then you have practically chosen your videographer. A personal meeting is also important.

Describe your style.

– In my work, I do not like to repeat myself. To be visible, you need to constantly change. I want every bride to feel like a model. Even during the shooting, I am always looking for moments that will convey the character traits, beauty and personality of the couple. For me, the most important thing is to capture the atmosphere of the day, the location, the mood of the couple, the energy of the guests. If I shoot in Italy, I want you to smell the pizza, the air from the vineyard, the taste of wine on your lips. The final video should be like a commercial that you want to watch.

What are the stages before filming?

– If we are talking about a wedding video, then after meeting a couple, I start working with organizers and decorators. I am provided with information about the location, decor sketches, the program of the day. In turn, I discuss with the team the possibilities of various filming, select the necessary equipment and agree with the organizers.

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Does it always follow the script?

– It happens that there was previously one scenario, and in the frame a couple is revealed, then we supplement our preliminary ideas. Or the location on the road (after all, it is not always possible to see everything in advance) does not meet expectations, then you have to make changes, shift accents. But everything is in the direction of improvement.

What does post-production include?

– First, the material is selected (there is always a lot of it, it is in different media), the best shots and their duplicates are highlighted. Then search for a music track. Further, the direction of editing, the search for the harmony of sound and video. It is necessary that the video has an introduction, development, culmination. And reflected the mood and style of the couple.

Five life hacks, how can a couple look confident in front of the camera without being shy?

“The most important thing is to trust the videographer they have chosen. Still be yourself, do not hesitate to share your emotions and experiences in the frame. Be ready to experiment. Enjoy the process, get high. And, of course, everyone should become a single team – a couple, operators, organizers, decorators, makeup artists, stylists.

What personally inspires you, launches creativity?

– I am inspired by high-quality music videos, advertising videos. When I travel or just drive by car, nature itself and the world around me inspire and give new ideas.

How has video filming changed in recent years and how else will it change, say, in 5 years?

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– Honestly, I consider the wedding industry in Russia one of the most advanced. Wedding videography is changing and striving for high-budget video. Technology is becoming available and it is driving the growth, development and quality of wedding professionals. As for the forecast, it is difficult to plan for five years ahead, everything changes every year. And a lot will depend, among other things, on our talented organizers! Maybe someone wants a wedding on the moon or in space?

Do you use gadgets and new technologies while filming?

– I always follow the worthy novelties and replenish my portfolio. By and large, I am looking for gadgets that will allow me to achieve the best color in the frame, transfer a picture that reflects all the beauty of nature, the human body, and architectural structures. There are many new products, but over the years I have become picky, so much so that sometimes I want to contact manufacturers and jointly develop a camera that meets all the requirements of a professional videographer.

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