Eternal values: everything you wanted to know about diamonds

Eternal values: everything you wanted to know about diamonds

Since the perfect engagement ring is firmly in place on your ring finger, you have officially become a bride. Now it’s time to shape the family box with serious pieces of jewelry. How to do it correctly, says Julia Vinitskaya, Strategic Development Director of De Beers Diamond Jewelers Russia, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemologist.

Julia, tell us about the main philosophy of the brand, permanent and exclusive collections?

– De Beers is the pioneer of the diamond industry and the world’s diamond quality benchmark. Being an absolute expert in the market, back in 1939 the company developed a system for assessing the quality of a diamond “4C” – Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat, which in English means “Cut, clarity, color, weight”. This system is used by all international experts today. De Beers’ unique experience accumulated since 1888 allows us to select diamonds of extraordinary beauty for its products. The diamond itself is always the main source of inspiration in jewelry design. De Beers jewelers have the opportunity to embody their unique creative ideas using only the most beautiful stones, and most importantly, to combine their energy and brilliance with future owners.

Of course, unique investment diamonds are sure to be presented in De Beers boutiques as an integral part of the brand’s DNA. These can be rings and earrings with colorless stones over 3.00 carats or the rarest colored diamonds – yellow, blue, pink or green.

A special place is occupied by the High End designer collections. Every year the company presents unique sets in the genre of high jewelry art. The 2018 Diamond Legend by De Beers collection includes four precious sets – Cupid, Ra, Celestia, Vulcan, inspired by ancient myths about gods and heroes. This year, new masterpieces will appear in July. Looking forward to.

More than half a century ago, De Beers revolutionized engagement rings with their Diamonds are forever campaign. Is this segment still key for the brand, or is something else a priority?

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– De Beers opened the unique qualities of a diamond to the world and influenced the fact that the diamond has become a symbol of love and value passed down from generation to generation. The slogan “Diamonds are forever” even became one of the slogans of the millennium.

The brand still associates diamonds with authentic feelings. Engagement and wedding rings can be found at the heart of any De Beers boutique. We believe that the shine of each De Beers diamond is as unique as the love they represent. De Beers gives each wedding collection a special meaning and symbolism, for example, in The Promise collection, two intertwined lines symbolize the emotional connection between two people. The fine line of pavé diamonds together with the polished platinum line is the promise of everlasting love.

The delicate collection of Adonis rose is inspired by the love story of Aphrodite and Adonis. The intertwined leaves and the rose in the ring symbolize deep and endless love. Wedding rings are designed to be matched with engagement rings, creating the perfect harmony between the wedding band and the solitaire ring.

A diamond has at all times been considered a talisman or amulet, therefore, in all De Beers rings, there is a small diamond on the inside that is in contact with the skin. This is how the energetic connection between the diamond and its owner is carried out.

A wedding is a great occasion to replenish your family’s jewelry collection. What to bet on, what is worth investing in?

– We believe that diamonds are a gift that will be kept throughout life and simply must be inherited from generation to generation. The peculiarity of this investment also lies in the fact that every day you will feel the joy of owning a very beautiful and expensive object, which is especially important for a woman’s confidence in the future.

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Regardless of the size of the diamonds, you will never go wrong with the classic design that is the hallmark of De Beers. It doesn’t matter in a year or in 10 years – your product will always be relevant. Last but not least, quality diamonds will never lose their brilliance.

Speaking separately about large stones, it is important to note: the higher the weight and better characteristics of the diamond, the less common it is, and accordingly the price is higher. Investment stones are considered to be a diamond from 1.00 carats with high characteristics, but even smaller stones never lose their value.

The group of the most rare cameos includes diamonds of more than 3.00 carats, which have the highest characteristics, as well as rare colored diamonds (yellow, blue, pink or green), which are in great demand in today’s market, regardless of size.

Но самое важное, как говорит Эндрю Коксон, Президент института Бриллиантов De Beers: «Выбор вашего уникального бриллианта – это эмоциональный опыт, и обязательно найдется бриллиант, в который вы влюбитесь. С этого момента вы будете знать, что вы нашли ваш идеальный бриллиант, навсегда».

Recently, a lot of information has appeared about the compatibility of various precious stones with a person. Can you believe these theories and how can you choose the right jewelry for your jewelry?

– The main thing that De Beers believes in is that every diamond, even the smallest one, carries a powerful energy, and this does not depend on what kind of person wears it. It doesn’t matter what day you were born or who you are according to your zodiac sign, the main thing is to think about the origin of diamonds.

Diamonds are the oldest treasure and one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Few people know that each diamond extracted from the bowels of the earth is from 990 million to 4.25 billion years old. Age is comparable to the origin of life on the planet! Each diamond has its own personality.

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Character is reflected in the many internal refractions of light. De Beers brings out this diversity and personality.

Мы верим, что бриллиант принесет удачу и станет своего рода талисманом для будущего владельца.

What happens to customer awareness in general?

– To make any purchase, it is important for a person to delve into the process and understand the nuances, especially if we are talking about serious investments. Many buyers come knowing our name, but want help to understand the criteria that affect diamond quality and price formation. We are always happy to help.

Moreover, we understand that buying diamonds is an important and touching moment, which is why we have created individual guarantees that are unique to De Beers. For example, De Beers Iris and De Beers Marque are our guarantees that each precious piece is authentic, created in accordance with the strict standards of the De Beers Diamond Institute, and is not related to conflicts related to the extraction and use of child labor.

Each De Beers boutique is equipped with De Beers Iris, a unique patented technology that allows all customers to see the beauty of their chosen jewelry through the eyes of an expert. Equally important is De Beers Marque – microscopic engraving invisible to the naked eye. The engraving is done using the De Beers Group’s proprietary technology. Thus, the buyer can be sure that each diamond from 0.20 carats has its own unique official De Beers identification. Our clients can rest assured about the quality of the stones and use diamonds as a gift, passed down from generation to generation.

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De Beers offers classic and elegant pieces that can be combined with each other, even if they come from different collections. Prices for De Beers jewelry in Moscow boutiques start at 66,000 rubles.

Photo: press materials, Valentin Gritsenko.

Interview: Isis El Sabbah.

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