Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift: Tree Planting Certificate

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift: Tree Planting Certificate

Would you like to give the bride and groom a memorable and sustainable gift? An excellent option would be the PosadiLes gift certificate. For example, on the site of the “PosadiLes” project, you can select the required number of trees, make a donation for their planting and issue a wedding gift certificate. The trees will be planted in spring and autumn by volunteers.

In the gift certificate, as in a postcard, you can enter the text of congratulations with wishes. After planting, the service will send the holders of the certificate a photo and GPS coordinates of the seedlings. According to the organizers of the project, the forest is a symbol of love and long years of marriage. Moreover, it is a worthy alternative to flower bouquets.

Photo: Roman Ivanov.

Here you can see more photos of Roman Ivanov.

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