Daria Klyukina: how to make wishes correctly

Daria Klyukina: how to make wishes correctly

Two years ago, Daria Klyukina created a “wish card”. There was a place in it for thoughts of marriage and travel, and illustrations from the Wedding magazine. Everything came true! Today Daria is a cover girl, demonstrating luxurious wedding dresses in fashion history, and most importantly, she got married in 2019. And now you can read Daria’s advice on how to dream correctly.

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You admitted that two years ago you made a “wish card” in which you placed clippings from glossy magazines. The illustrations included a wedding dress, pictures from Wedding magazine, Paris and your other dreams. Did a lot of your plans come true?

– Yes, that’s right. More recently, I looked at my “wish card” and found that a lot has come true. It all started with something simple – wireless headphones.

They say that in order to check the “map” and start the fulfillment of desires, one of them should be simple. As soon as the headphones appeared, the wheel of desires spun, and I did not have time to keep track of how everything turned into reality. The first trip to Paris, which has become my favorite city … A spacious dressing room, where there is a place for every thing … And finally, the cover of the magazine. I’m glad it’s yours!

How do you feel about dreams? Do you believe that wishes come true? Or maybe you even know some secret technique?

– I love to dream and I believe that if you send a request to the Universe correctly, your wish will certainly come true. One of the techniques I know and use is based on emotional living. We must treat desires as if they have already come true. That is, I imagine the desired situation and concentrate on the sensations in the moment. Visualization is a powerful thing! Another technique works on our subconscious. I write down my dreams in a notebook and hide it for at least a year. Try it! You will be very surprised when you reread your made wishes.

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Here you can watch another shot from the shooting, and here you can watch a video from the shooting. Here you can read about Daria Klyukina’s wedding on Lake Como.

Photo: Pavel Kryukov.

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