Celebrity wedding dresses: which we no longer like

Celebrity wedding dresses: which we no longer like

Countless front-page photos, admiring glances from fans – celebrity wedding ceremonies always generate a frenzy in the public. One of the main intrigues of each ceremony is the dress in which the bride goes down the aisle. But not every wedding dress, which until recently everyone admired, stands the test of time and is not criticized. Introducing six wedding dresses that have fallen out of favor over the years.

Princess Diana Dress

In the summer of 1981, the 20th century wedding took place – Prince of Wales Charles married Lady Diana Francis Spencer. The royal ceremony took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, where more than 3,000 guests gathered, all in awe of the bride’s dress. Silk taffeta, decorated with lace, hand-embroidered and thousands of pearls, a corset with diamonds and a train that exceeded 7 meters in length – the iconic designers of that time Elizabeth and David Emanuel tried to create a masterpiece. And they created it. At least, it was thought so for a long time, until critics dared to object to the general opinion and argue whether Princess Diana’s dress is as beautiful as it is said about it. They drew attention to the excessive bulkiness of the outfit, the unsuccessful shape of the shoulders and sleeves, and inappropriate ruffles on the chest.

Madonna dress

In 1985, pop star Madonna Louise Ciccone married Hollywood actor Sean Penn. Like everything that the singer wore then, it was considered the standard of style. And the wedding dress was no exception. This dress, which later became legendary, was created for Madonna by designer Marlene Stewart from pleated taffeta and chiffon. The most striking element of the image of the famous bride is a handmade nylon ribbon that runs across the corset and is embroidered with pink petals and beads imitating pearls. By today’s standards, this bridal outfit is a stretch at a stretch, if only because of the visual roughness of the material, and that very pink ribbon looks pretty cheap. However, skepticism about Madonna’s first wedding dress did not stop her from selling it at auction for $ 81,250. Apparently to some very devoted fan of the pop diva.

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Celine Dion Dress

Singer Celine Dion and businessman Rene Angelila got married in 1994. The bride’s dress was more than lush, with long, flared sleeves studded with precious stones. Diamonds were also on the corset of the dress. But all the attention in Celine’s wedding look was attracted by the headdress – a veil with an incredibly massive crown covering the entire forehead and part of the temples. For a long time, pictures from the wedding ceremony did not leave the front pages of newspapers and magazines. After two decades, the enthusiasm has subsided, and now wedding stylists are paying attention to this dress from the point of view of not the best example. Now such a scale looks ridiculous and sometimes comical, and even one girl preparing for a wedding can hardly imagine such a veil on her head.

Kim Kardashian dress

The spectacular mulatto, who conquered millions of Americans after the broadcast of the reality show “The Kardashian Family”, got married twice. The first choice of Kim was the famous basketball player Chris Humphries – the lovers legalized their relationship in 2011. Then Kardashian walked down the aisle in a classic snow-white dress from Vera Wang with a fluffy skirt and a corset decorated with Chantilly lace, and looked like a princess from a fairy tale. “Like a real Cinderella, only with a very sexy figure,” the designer herself called the bride. Then the image of Kim was touted in every way and probably would have continued to do so if not for her second marriage. For a wedding with rapper Kanye West in 2014, Kim chose a dress by designer Riccardo Tisci – vanilla, fitted, with long lace sleeves and an elegant veil. All fans, as well as fashion experts, agreed that this dress is much more suitable for a brunette than the previous one. So, in the memory of celebrity fans, it was the second wedding dress of Kardashian that remained, and the first sometimes even flickers in the lists of not the most successful wedding dresses.

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Victoria Beckham Dress

Victoria Beckham, a member of the Spice Girls pop group and later the founder and chief designer of the eponymous fashion brand, married the world famous football player in 1999. For the ceremony, she chose, like most celebrities, the creation of the House of Vera Wang. The champagne-colored satin dress, made by Vera Wong herself according to the bride’s sketch, was included in the list of the most beautiful wedding dresses of the famous designer. But after Vicky herself became a fashion designer and grew a lot in terms of her own style, the public started talking about that dress as not the most successful one. Moreover, if often in discussing the fashion of past years, a discount is made on the trends that reigned at that time, then in the case of Mrs. Beckham, experts talk about a fashion failure even by the standards of the late 90s. Too bulky train, ambiguous design of the neckline and, at the same time, the striking simplicity of the design is no longer to the liking of many.

Gwen Stefani dress

For the wedding of No Doubt soloist and musician Gavin Rossdale, the dress was created by John Galliano himself. In a desire to emphasize the singer’s originality, the fashion designer decided not to limit himself to the framework of classical wedding fashion and came up with an ombre color for Gwen’s dress with a smooth transition from hot pink at the hem to snow-white at the neckline. This creation of Galliano also entered the world history of fashion and almost immediately was perceived in the industry as an object of art rather than the work of a designer. Now the colorful creation of the fashion designer is often criticized for inappropriateness and overly bold use of color.

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