Back to school: how wedding planners combine work and family

Back to school: how wedding planners combine work and family

Congratulations on September 1 to parents and children! Ahead of school days, Wedding asked renowned wedding planners, decorators and hosts about how they plan to combine busy schedules with their kids at school.

Yulia Dubova, co-founder of the WeDoAgency wedding agency

Serezha will turn two and a half years old in September, and he will go to kindergarten for the first time. True, so far only in the group of short-term stay, where children are socialized and get used to the preschool. It is necessary to bring the child to the group by 9 in the morning, which means that the kindergarten will support my daily routine and I will have a cherished hour for creative work before our entire team arrives at the office. It would seem that with the onset of autumn, wedding organizers should go on vacation, but this is not so. Everything is just beginning for our agency!

Margarita Batikyan, decorator

The daily routine of a decorator or any other related colleague is unpredictable, so it is necessary to “arm” yourself with caring grandmothers, nannies and those who are not indifferent. Jokes as a joke, but it is not always possible to have time for everything during the period when the child is in kindergarten or in the classroom. I try to free myself a couple of days a week in order to fully pay attention to my daughter and family. There are even times when you can easily take a child with you to work – why not, if the situation permits.

Maria Lvova, founder and head of the stylish wedding studio “For Two”

When business, like children, is a part of your life, then they get along harmoniously with each other. With the arrival of September 1, children will more often appear at their mother’s at work and at our parties. I even think in the evening to organize creative classes for children with a teacher in our office so that we can hold meetings with the team in parallel, and the children after kindergarten and school were busy and immersed in a creative atmosphere. I believe that children should not be separated from the working part of life, their outlook and vision of the world will only become broader if we show them our world.

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Bella Sklyar, co-founder of the event agency Markevichevent

We clearly distribute responsibilities between each other. Since we live outside the city and the gymnasium where our son is studying is an hour away, I or my husband take him to school, and the other stays with the younger at home. Also in the evenings, we arrange meetings with clients so that one of us can pick up our son from the gymnasium. Of course, we resort to the help of a nanny or grandmother when events or meetings with clients take place on weekdays. Considering that events most often fall on weekends, we try to go to the cinema, theaters and attend children’s events together on weekdays.

Anastasia Sokolova, head of the studio for special events Celebrate It!

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions to me is how it is possible to combine a busy work schedule with 3 children. I, of course, have a few secrets. First, I am a supporter of cultivating independence from childhood. Children themselves go to school and to additional classes. I do not greatly interfere with the educational process, and what is more, I do the terrible thing – I do not check children’s homework on a regular basis. I can accidentally check a particular item. In addition, today, thanks to the electronic diary, I often learn about grades before children. If I see that difficulties have begun somewhere, I help to understand the subject. Second, I allow my children to make mistakes and correct their own mistakes. This is perhaps the most important skill. Third, I help children learn to prioritize. For example, I do not insist on good grades in all subjects except Russian (respect for your language) and English (a language that can be spoken in almost the entire world). And finally, we try to spend any free time together – we travel a lot, walk in parks and just collect Lego or watch family films – every year on the eve of winter holidays we have a festival of family New Year’s films, this year we will hold it for the sixth time!

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Angelica Varteresyan, Head of the “Two Oranges” wedding agency

Aron is soon 8 years old, and it is no longer difficult to combine work and child. He is at school during the day, and in the evening, most often, he goes to sports with his nanny. On days when there is no sport and I myself have time to pick it up after class, we go to the store, buy food for dinner and cook together, wait for dad and feed him new culinary masterpieces. On weekends, if there are no weddings or work meetings, we spend the most time together. We are always busy – from designing planes, cooking, sculpting and reading to jumping on a trampoline. I myself am interested in a lot of his activities and it is incredibly interesting to see how he grows and changes!

Maria German, decorator

Combining work and school is not easy without good helpers. Even on September 1, I will be absent, because we have a large project in Vladivostok. My mom will go instead. Nika goes to a private school, where she is busy until 18:00, so the task is a little easier. I’m not a super-mother who follows a child’s lessons too closely. I try to convey to her that learning is very important, first of all, for herself and for her future. Therefore, I hope that I will be more her best friend, and not a Cerberus who monitors school performance.

Alexander Slesarev, presenter

It would seem that it is simply unrealistic to combine the work of a presenter and the study of children at school. As a rule, the schedules do not coincide at all: when the children have a weekend, my workdays begin. Everything was much easier when the children were in kindergarten. It was possible at any time to “pull” them out of the garden in order to immediately organize a family vacation. The school is different. But even with the most incredible workload of parents, it is always possible and necessary to find time for their children. A weekday is planned simply: all meetings are held before lunchtime, and all afternoon time is devoted to children – we teach lessons together, go to sections and attend various classes. And on weekends, on the contrary, I devote the day to my children in the morning, and to work in the afternoon. And a life hack for the leading parents, whose children will just go to first grade. Find out the vacation schedule in advance and do not take orders for these dates!

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