Auspicious dates for wedding and engagement: astrologer’s advice

Auspicious dates for wedding and engagement: astrologer’s advice

Astrologer Elvira Dubina told Wedding how to choose a date for a wedding and engagement, explained why to do it, and advised the most favorable dates until the end of 2019.

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We have already written that time has a quality – a certain structure that affects the quality of events, their course and outcome. The quality of time depends on planetary trends. “Reinforcement” of any event with the correct date is a technique that has been used since antiquity for coronation, military operations and, especially, when it was planned to conclude an alliance between two people. Planetary trends set the energy of the day, month, and entire periods. Sensitive people are sensitive to this, especially during periods of eclipses, full moons, and new moons. Track your health depending on the phase of the moon and you can track your own rhythm and reaction to celestial tendencies, which will help you manage your time more effectively. For example, if you feel energized on the new moon, you can schedule more activities for that day. And if, on the contrary, apathy attacks you on the new moon – get more rest and arrange a day of relaxation. The phases of the moon can be tracked on the internet.

Below we will suggest dates for important events for which most women prepare with special trepidation. In general, it is possible to select favorable periods not only for bright, significant events. It is helpful to plan for planetary weather and simple daily activities to help yourself. Experienced housewives know that one category of plants should be planted on the growing moon, but completely different on the waning moon. That is, the development of plants by its nature hints at the importance of the moment when it was planted in the ground.

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А значит, любой процесс или явление, в том числе свадьбу, помолвку, можно укрепить с помощью благоприятной даты.

An event “conceived” at the right moment develops more favorably. The wedding day marks the birth of a new family. If in addition to parental advice there is an opportunity to receive the blessing of heaven, then why not take advantage of this unique opportunity? We bring to your attention the dates selected by a professional astrologer, which are favorable for the beginning of events related to an engagement, wedding and wedding. The dates are calculated for each month until the end of 2019 and are broken down into the following categories: perfect, favorable, also suitable.

October 2019

Ideal for: October 3, 30, 31.

Auspicious dates: 17 (from 5:31 Moscow time), October 24.

Also suitable: October 8, 9, 10, 19.

November 2019

There are not so many dates in November, since during this period the planet, which symbolizes information flows – Mercury, turns into a retro-phase. By the way, Mercury is also responsible for the documents, so make sure that your data is correctly registered when registering a relationship. The period of Mercury retrograde will last from October 31 to November 20, 2019. However, this month also has auspicious dates.

Perfect fit: November 19, 20 (from 4:55 Moscow time).

Auspicious dates: 5 (until 17:37 Moscow time), November 21.

Also suitable: November 22 (07:20 Moscow time).

December 2019

Ideal for: 9, 17 (from 10:17 Moscow time), 20, 24 December.

Auspicious dates: 3 (from 10:11 Moscow time), 14 (until 18:56 Moscow time) December.

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Also suitable: December 16, 18, 20.

Of course, one should not rely only on favorable dates. After all, in the final analysis, harmonious cooperation in a pair is the work of each of the partners. Remember, the desire to improve and increase the quality of your life will definitely reflect positively on your partner.

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