A selection of trendy beach slates

A selection of trendy beach slates

The imminent approach of the summer season will demand versatile clothing and footwear from us. Of course, this will cause a complete change in our wardrobe, a kind of transformation of consciousness. Many people completely abandon the annoying gray, blue tones of the external image and prefer brighter saturated colors.

Beach slates

Loose and flowing outfits of light fabrics fill the streets of cities and suburbs. Shoes become as lightweight and open as possible. Shale is becoming especially popular. This type of footwear can be attributed to a beach pleasure rather than an urban necessity. But, despite this, they become frequent guests in large metropolitan areas.

Whether you are on holiday or just planning to go to the pool, beach slates will keep you company. After all, cold tiles or hot snow-white sand can become enemies for the delicate skin of your feet. Any hypothermia or overheating can negatively affect not only this part of the body, but the entire body as a whole. So these shoes simply have to be at your disposal.

Slates are perfect for both men and women, there will not be any gender. Men’s slates are more massive, usually presented in blue and black colors. Women’s models of slates completely repeat the shape of the legs, also have a special decorative effect, can be decorated with rhinestones and other elements.

The main varieties of beach slates

There are several varieties of beach slates. Particularly popular are flip flops, which differ in a special way of fastening. The rubber or fabric base fits comfortably between your toes, preventing them from slipping off your feet.

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Beach slates

The variety of flip flops, various variations of patterns and shapes, make it possible for absolutely everyone to choose their own, unique model. Of course, beach slates are in no way acceptable to be paired with socks or tights, unless they are special zori flip flops.

Also, a variety of slates will be various sandals, a special type of sandals, but without a heel. They are chosen by those for whom, for whatever reasons: physiological, aesthetic, flip-flops did not fit.

In terms of color and quality characteristics, they are not inferior to the first group of shale. Next to them are the usual pantolets, with an open front and back of the foot.

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