Julia Privalova: How to diversify the diet in the summer with health benefits?

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Summer, like no other season, teaches us to listen to our body and enjoy the moment. Everything around is conducive to an active lifestyle and a light diet, I don’t want to burden the body with fatty foods – on the contrary, the soul asks to add fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, berries to the menu. How to get the most health benefits out of the summer months?

The desire to update food from season to season is natural, because food must meet the current needs of the body. In the hot season, his main tasks are maintaining the water balance, avoiding overheating and, of course, actively storing vitamins from fresh products. Under the constant influence of external heat, a person spends a lot of energy to maintain normal body temperature. To avoid overheating, the blood supply to the digestive organs decreases, metabolic processes slow down, and appetite decreases. That is why in the summer it is especially important not to overload the digestive tract with too heavy food, eat only when hungry, and not overeat at night.

If you treat your diet carelessly, you have to deal with swelling, heartburn, bloating and even skin rashes. However, a healthy diet does not mean a narrow set of healthy foods. On the contrary, for the full working capacity of the body requires a full range of vitamins, minerals, salts and nutrients.

Fresh berries

Many nutritionists recommend a menu in which 40% comes from fresh vegetables and fruits. If you feel discomfort in your intestines from a fresh apple, I recommend starting to increase the percentage of raw plant products at the expense of berries.

In our culture, the attitude to berries as a dessert is common, they are usually eaten in baked goods, often sprinkled with sugar. In my opinion, this is not entirely correct. It is much healthier and tastier to eat them in their pure form, to enjoy every half-tone of taste. You can add berries to fresh salads and eat before the main course. Many people like to cook smoothies based on different types of berries – great! The main thing is to remember that in order to make the drink truly balanced, it is necessary to add healthy fats to it: seeds, cold-pressed oils, avocados or nuts.

You should not buy all imported products with the label "superfood" in the nearest supermarket, because our seasonal berries are the very superfoods. Without exception, all berries are concentrates of vitamins, minerals, folic acid, fiber. They also contain pectins, essential oils and organic acids. Especially do not underestimate the blue berries. For example, blueberries contain a record amount of antioxidants that slow down the aging process, and blueberries restore the retina and increase visual acuity.

Activated water

The basic rule for good health in the summer is maintaining water balance, especially during physical activity. I will not write how many glasses you need to drink, because it is purely individual for each person, however, it is advisable to increase the usual daily rate by 2-3 glasses. Drinking clean water is sometimes boring, especially for beginners. Useful additives will help activate the water and give it a pleasant taste: lemon, mint, cucumber, a few drops of raspberry or blackberry juice, a sprig of rosemary or basil, turmeric. Experiment, add your favorite berries or herbs to the water – and you will notice how drinking water will become a pleasant routine.

The needs of the body can vary from season to season, so it is important to find your water. Try and listen to what your body tells you. Perhaps now you need mineral or melt water.

Celery juice

The trend to drink celery fresh on an empty stomach appeared after the release of Anthony William's book "Celery Juice. A Natural Elixir of Energy and Health." Thousands of people around the world have taken this trend, including Hollywood stars: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Farrell Williams, Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and others. And I myself have been starting my day for 4 years with celery juice.

What is the healing power of this drink? Celery stalks contain chlorophyll, a pigment that gives plants a green color. The chemical formula of chlorophyll is almost identical to the formula of hemoglobin, so it saturates the blood with oxygen and triggers the removal of toxins, including heavy metals and chemicals. Celery fresh is a powerful detoxifying agent that cleanses the blood, liver, taste buds and restores a healthy glow to the face.

This green drink also contains mineral salts, which normalize high acidity and stabilize the pH of the blood. That's why celery juice is a must-have for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and discomfort after eating. Anthony William recommends drinking 500 ml of fresh juice, you can start with a convenient volume of the drink once a day, with time move on to two.

Minimum animal food

In the summer, it is worth reducing the consumption of meat and animal products. The body spends too much energy on the processing of animal protein, and since the activity of the gastrointestinal tract in the heat is reduced, the meat is not completely absorbed.

Dairy products are also desirable to minimize: they contribute to the appearance of swelling and rashes on the face. Be careful with the choice of ice cream, because milk + sugar is not the best combination for a slim figure and healthy skin. I recommend learning how to cook it yourself from seasonal fruits or choosing PP alternatives.

The summer months are the best time to arrange an unloading from animal foods and include more vegetable proteins and salads in your diet. From canned goods, sweet soda, sausages, pastries, cakes and store sweets should be completely abandoned. These products will not bring you any benefit, only load the digestive system with unnecessary work.

A diet that promotes health

Learning more and more about the principles of healthy eating, I set about trying to create a summer YARO diet based on green foods. So last year, the Go Green program was born – a 3-day detox diet of 2 large green salads, light soup, mashed potatoes and the legendary celery juice. This is a unique summer nutrition program, which includes a lot of greens, berries and vegetable proteins.

Go Green is a diet for those who know a balanced diet firsthand, and are now ready to go even further on a healthy journey. Add more healing chlorophyll and seasonal products to your diet – and you will feel easy and healthy.

I believe that summer is the best time to take care of your body, make your diet varied, fill it with live food, and replenish vitamins and minerals. The body has a function of natural cleansing and alkalization in the summer – let's use this opportunity!

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