Inspiration of the day: Wear white and black dresses in summer, like Emma Watson

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Emma Watson has been called the "English Rose" more than once – sophisticated, calm facial features, a soft look and constant restraint in dresses fascinate fans around the world. Elegance is given to the actress as easily as roles. In search of summer inspiration, we noticed how Emma wears two radically different things – a small black dress and a long white.

In the first case, the image is complemented by loose styling and translucent boats – this makes it moderately sexy. In the second – boats in tone, neat styling, in which there is nothing superfluous, and a minimalistic set of jewelry.

Meanwhile, the actress wears luxuriously not only dresses, but also cropped shorts with ornaments – an eccentric move, however, a soft blouse and smooth ankle boots keep the image on the verge of bourgeois chic.

A new accessory in the actress’s arsenal is ironic earrings. They starred in them for an interview with Professor Valerie Hudson, who wrote the book Sex and World Peace.

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