How the world of communications will change after a pandemic

15th July 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic has completely changed the way we live. People were almost locked up because of quarantine. All trips and vacations are canceled due to border closures. For many, work quickly moved to a permanent online mode. And even now, when the world has begun a gradual return to the “pre-quarantine era”, many changes […]

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The image of the day: 3 summer outfits of Ivanka Trump in a floral print

10th July 2020

Contrast Floral Print Such an outfit does not require a careful selection of accessories and intricate styling. Just a barely noticeable bracelet, your favorite sandals and a small handbag. The red and white print gives the look a moderate exotic look and really looks like a summer. Pastoral bouquets and glamorous retro A mini with […]

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Tomi Adejemi about writing a bestseller, its adaptation and the first trip to Paris Fashion Week

10th July 2020

Having created the first youth fantasy novel based on African mythology, the 26-year-old Tomi Adeyemi not only gained popularity, but also raised the discussion of pressing issues to a new level. L'Officiel-Ukraine exclusively told about the writing of the novel, its future adaptation and its first trip to Fashion Week. Tommy Adejemi became a real […]

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6 tips: How to start a project in quarantine

7th July 2020

Crisis is a time of opportunity, and also of risk and instability. How not to “get burned out” at the opening of his business during the recession, says Daria Syoma, the head of the PMHUB event hall. In March this year, the team and I planned to launch a new event space. But there was […]

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Psychology: 3 types of relationships based on a triangle. Spoiler – not only love

2nd July 2020

Triangles are not only love ones. What to do if you find yourself in a complex design, says psychologist Anna Solunina. Everyone knows the phrase "love triangle." However, this geometric figure can arise not only on the basis of extramarital affairs. There are also family triangles (in the form of secret coalitions or open attempts […]

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To dress like: Two main stylistic receptions of Ariana Grande

26th June 2020

Ariana Grande is one of those artists whose style changes according to creative periods and attracts attention every time. Over the past few years, the singer has "honed" her image to the absolute, making it recognizable and situationally universal. On the occasion of Ariana’s birthday, we pay attention to the main receptions – there are […]

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Julia Privalova: How to diversify the diet in the summer with health benefits?

23rd June 2020

Summer, like no other season, teaches us to listen to our body and enjoy the moment. Everything around is conducive to an active lifestyle and a light diet, I don’t want to burden the body with fatty foods – on the contrary, the soul asks to add fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, berries to the menu. […]

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ARTBAT will perform again in Kiev: Mini-interview with a duet about summer, quarantine and plans for the future

22nd June 2020

On July 3, the electronic duet ARTBAT will perform again in Kiev. This will be the first performance of the guys after relaxing quarantine (subject to all safety measures) and the first large-scale party in the Osocor Residence beach complex, where the festival stage and special decorations for the visual show will be built. A […]

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Inspiration of the day: Wear white and black dresses in summer, like Emma Watson

15th June 2020

Emma Watson has been called the "English Rose" more than once – sophisticated, calm facial features, a soft look and constant restraint in dresses fascinate fans around the world. Elegance is given to the actress as easily as roles. In search of summer inspiration, we noticed how Emma wears two radically different things – a […]

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Psychology: How Early Relationships with Mothers Affect Our Privacy

13th June 2020

We are all babies in matters of the heart. How early relationships with mother affect our personal lives, says psychologist Anna Solunina We absorb the first experience of love and intimacy with mother’s milk. By assimilating a certain model of acceptance and emotional support, we move it beyond the boundaries of the parental home. We […]

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