Psychologist’s column: 7 signs it’s time to get a divorce

7th September 2020

The topic of divorce has become all too urgent in recent years. The world is changing very much, and yesterday’s requirements for family and marriage can no longer withstand the onslaught of today’s reality. There are many couples who replenish the world statistics of divorced couples for a reason, but there are also those who, […]

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The story of Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot and creator of an intelligent wardrobe

6th September 2020

Fashion is always inspired by outstanding women – persistent, strong, fearless, creative. It was their will that brought these or those forms of personal expression to a wide cult, making them recognizable symbols, be it a style of clothing, works of art, or even a form of hair styling. A huge number of people strove […]

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Image of the Day: Marc Jacobs in pearl necklace and high heels watching birds

25th August 2020

In April, Marc Jacobs and his husband Charlie Defrancesco moved to a new apartment in Manhattan, where they spent the entire lockdown. With the relaxation of quarantine in America, the couple sometimes began to go out into nature outside of New York. While walking, Mark decided to master a new hobby – bird watching. And […]

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Interview: British singer Charli XCX on the music industry's post-pandemic future

17th August 2020

After the release of a new album during self-isolation, British singer Charli XCX, together with L’Officiel-Ukraine, reflects on what awaits the world and the music industry after the pandemic. The 27-year-old singer Charli XCX is well known to the regulars of large-scale music festivals for her bright and incendiary shows, during which thousands of people […]

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The First Woman and African American: Wardrobe for Future Vice President Kamala Harris

12th August 2020

The Democratic Party of the United States is the oldest in the States, along with the Republican Party. An unofficial, but well-established symbol of the party is a donkey, indicating stubborn adherence to its goal, perseverance and inviolability. Not surprisingly, former US Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, was already 8 percentage points ahead […]

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Margaret Atwood on Covenants, Climate Change and Gender Equality

11th August 2020

34 years after the publication of The Handmaid's Tale, Canadian writer Margaret Atwood released a sequel, The Covenants. The sequel instantly became a worldwide bestseller and was awarded the prestigious Booker Prize. On the eve of the release of the Ukrainian translation of the Testaments, Margaret Atwood gave an exclusive interview to L’Officiel-Ukraine. Margaret, with […]

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Artist Alina Kopitsa: "I am very grateful to the feminists of the past, for the fact that today I can speak openly about sex"

5th August 2020

Until August 19, the Kiev gallery The Naked Room is hosting a new exhibition of the Ukrainian artist, nominee for the MUKH (2012) and PinchukArtCentre (2013) awards, Alina Kopitsa. "Alina's art takes us into the world of absolute emancipation, sex-positivity, playfulness. There is no place for shame, reproaches and gender restrictions. Alina does not provoke, […]

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Wearing black in the summer like Elsa Hosk and Camila Morrone

30th July 2020

Outside the window is the most real hot summer, but staying at home after weeks of self-isolation is becoming increasingly difficult. The rhythm of our life has slowed down, but not dramatically. The need to create comfortable and elegant summer looks has not gone anywhere. And here it will not be superfluous to note that […]

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Column by Ekaterina Belorusskaya: On the development of children through social initiatives

30th July 2020

Physical education in Ukrainian realities is not the subject for which children go to school. Often it remains out of the focus of attention of almost all participants in the educational process: children sit on benches, the teacher conducts standard exercises and football for those students who did come, and the school cannot provide the […]

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Palindrom: "You don’t go like that, like a vchora, with a mood and a glance at what you say"

29th July 2020

A member of the rap-gurt Chapter 94 Stepan Burban, vidomy under the pseudonym Coughing Ed, who has seen his other solo pop-album "Stini Mayut Vuha" under the moniker Palindrom. Lyric, special, romantic, with soft lamp-like sounds and, at least, the rustle of magnetic beating on the back aphid. About those, the texts, the present and […]

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