ARTBAT will perform again in Kiev: Mini-interview with a duet about summer, quarantine and plans for the future

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On July 3, the electronic duet ARTBAT will perform again in Kiev. This will be the first performance of the guys after relaxing quarantine (subject to all safety measures) and the first large-scale party in the Osocor Residence beach complex, where the festival stage and special decorations for the visual show will be built.

A few weeks before the start, we met with a duet on Obolonskaya embankment. It was here that two Kievites, Arthur and Batish, began their careers, and here still is their studio, hidden in the basement of the clothing showroom.

Walking through the revitalized summer park on the banks of the Dnieper, we discussed with Arthur and Batish their Grammy interviews, plans for a quarantine summer, and an upcoming performance.

It’s worth starting with the fact that Grammy turned their attention to ARTBAT and decided to take an extensive interview with them after their collaboration with the winners of the Cola track award – the duo CamelPhat. Their joint release, For a Feeling, was number 1 in the Top 100 Beatport for several weeks.

“We really like the style and production of CamelPhat. It is a little different from us, but after long conversations and joint performances we caught one wave, deciding to try to combine our styles and do something new. The guys from CamelPhat gave us vocals performed by Rhodes, several ideas and the lyrical message of the track. The meaning was special for us, because we like to feel the music and everything that surrounds us is a little deeper, ”say Arthur and Batish.

The starting point was the vocals, layered on particles of rhythm. ARTBAT and CamelPhat have been working on this harmony for three months. Having written a track in the summer of 2019, they played it all fall and winter. Having made the release, they could not imagine that for many it would become the home quarantine anthem. In fact, this is the perfect finish track that Tale Of Us, Adriatique and other adepts of melodic techno have repeatedly tested, so people already knew this track and were waiting for its release.

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Publication by ARTBAT (@artbatmusic) Apr 19, 2020 at 5:50 am PDT

“During self-isolation and quarantine, we got a lot of marks on videos on Facebook, Instastory and posts with our music, because people missed and listened to it on the headphones and at the home party. This is our little inspiration for the current work in the studio or online. For example, as the Kaleidoscope Orchestra did, masterfully gathering in one video from different parts of our planet.Now it’s a really difficult time, because we can’t share music live with people at parties. Still on pause, but we can correct it very soon in Osocor, July 3rd, ”reflect ARTBAT.

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Publication by ARTBAT (@artbatmusic) Jun 9, 2020 at 4:02 am PDT

The guys at ARTBAT know that a great dance track needs to be balanced between rhythm and melody. Sometimes melodies interfere with dancing, because you start to listen to them or dream under them. Rhythm is the driving force of the dance.

Arthur and Batish admit that sometimes they look at the crowd of people who came exclusively to dance, and not to get acquainted or change their minds. First of all, they create a stream that supports everyone in a good mood. They look for happy faces on the dance floor and make them even happier. No matter how trite it may sound.

“Our last quarantine show was March 8th. After that we arrived in Kiev and for two weeks remained at home in quarantine. We really had some symptoms of coronavirus, so we stayed at home and then tested to make sure that we are not spreading the virus. The result was negative, and now we are in the studio five days a week, trying to find ideas for creating tracks. In fact, we have already made several tracks, but you can understand that this is not an easy time from the point of view of inspiration, ”Arthur and Batish admit.

Most likely, we all will have to spend this summer in Ukraine, but ARTBAT is still preparing fresh music for new sets. The guys will play at several private parties in the capital and beach clubs of Odessa, but their biggest dream is to return to world festivals and again represent Ukraine on the world stage. They like that people know where they come from and which country they represent. ARTBAT always surrenders to the crowd more than 100% – and you will feel it at Osocor Residence in early July.

Party tickets are available here.

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