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Hi, my name is George S. Vancamp and I run this blog.

Most of the stories and texts published here should be taken solely as an artistic and philosophical fiction. With the photos, too, the author is interested in the impulse to creativity coming from infinity *, but not what is shown in the picture, not the photo itself, which is similar to the light of a dead star. Documentary and documentary photography is disgusting to my fictional character.

My fictional character, Attar, the author of this blog, is held captive by philosophical concepts of an idealistic sense, which naturally drastically reduces the value of his artistic talent. Noon Iron Age, leaves no room for idealistic concepts. The light of Kali Yuga burns everything that did not have time to hide under the shadow of the sprawling cranberry of religion and culture, the light of Kali Yuga burns Attar

To feel the impulse that comes from infinity, the last years are what I live for. If there is some organizing force in the universe, then it is necessary to look for it at the very end of the beam, where the command from which leads to action comes from, a weak command.