Wedding in Sochi: “You are my starry sky”

We invite you to watch the project of the D. Drobyazko Wedding & Event agency, which won the regional Wedding Awards 2019. You can also watch several videos from the incredible wedding of Anna and Florian.

Anna and Florian


“I don’t know how the universe appeared, this sky, and these stars … But I know that love for you warms more than the light of a thousand stars.” “How will be my house without sky full of stars?” – said Florian in the first meeting with Anna, who was wearing a blue dress and ankle boots, strewn with stars. This is how their love story began.

Morning of the bride


Wedding day

The wedding took place for three days in Sochi. Every day there was a new playground on the territory of the hotel. On the first evening, a welcome dinner was held so that the guests had time to get to know each other before the start of the celebration. The main celebration took place the next day in a ballroom with access to an open terrace and a colorful view of the Black Sea.

The terrace was involved twice in the program – during the wedding ceremony in the rays of sunlight and taking out the cake when the moon was already shining. For the second act, the decorators managed to change the design of the site, so re-entering the familiar terrace again impressed the guests.

The designers turned the banquet hall itself into a starry sky, which stood out through lush clouds of white flowers of gypsophila, freesias, phalaenopsis and tulips. Before the newlyweds left for the guests, a video introduction was broadcast on large screens in the hall, in which Florian talked about his feelings for Anna. Guests admired the couple against the backdrop of picturesque mountains, mirrored water surfaces and exquisite gardens. The wedding agency had arranged in advance the shooting of the love-story on Lake Como, which lasted for three days (below you can watch this love-story). Then a dance performance began, for which stage costumes were specially sewn.

The final day of the celebration of the wedding in Sochi was a Russian-style party, since for a large number of guests it was the first visit to Russia. Foreign guests arrived from England, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the USA. Each guest had his own personal manager who knew all the necessary information about him – from stylists’ schedules to food preferences. A bilingual website was also developed with detailed information about the wedding weekend. For the wedding agency, the work on the sites lasted 144 hours, taking into account the large-scale developments, changes of locations and dismantling.

Organizer: D. Drobyazko Wedding & Event, winner of the South 2019 Wedding Awards in the category “Best Wedding Agency”.

Photo: Anastasia Spivak.

Video: Mira Films.

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