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“We got married at the height of the coronavirus”: the real story of a couple

“We got married at the height of the coronavirus”: the real story of a couple

While other couples are postponing their wedding due to the pandemic, Reseda and Constantine decided to get married no matter what. The wedding turned out to be intimate, only for two. However, there were many emotions! Reseda and Constantine told Wedding about their unique wedding.

We planned to hold our wedding with the most dear people: our parents, siblings with their families and a few close friends. My fiance’s family lives in the Moscow region, and my family lives in Bashkiria, in Ufa. We decided to gather everyone in Moscow, where I live now, and my fiance was supposed to fly to the wedding from Europe. Initially, we wanted a small wedding without pomp, as they say, for us: after the groom picks up the bride, we all go to the registry office for registration, then a short walk and a gala dinner in a restaurant. Of course, we wanted to capture all these moments, so we planned a small photo session, reportage photos and videos from the wedding.

It so happened that we live in different countries. Despite the fact that a lot had to be changed, we decided to sign on the scheduled day. Somehow we didn’t even discuss that the date could be rescheduled. So they dreamed of becoming a family as soon as possible and living together in one country that the question of transfer did not even arise. My fiance said that despite the restrictions, he wants to make this day memorable. We decided from these circumstances to make an unforgettable event for us. As they say, even the most sour lemon can be used to make delicious lemonade.

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Previously, we clarified in the registry office how the registration will take place. We were told that due to the epidemiological situation, we should only be present together. Therefore, we have conceived our wedding in the format of the bride and groom only. The absence of guests gave us the opportunity to live this day for each other. We invited a photographer and videographer, warning them that we will be the only one. They met us on a deserted street in front of the Kutuzov registry office. These were indescribable emotions – walking together along Kutuzovsky Prospect without people. Individual cars greeted us with honks, and it seemed that the whole city was for us alone that day. We laughed, enjoyed the sun in empty Moscow, and they took pictures. And there was not a soul around – the perfect photo session. Since all parks were closed for quarantine, we drove out of town, where we had an amazing photo session – there was no need to worry about the guests, who to occupy, and so on. The topic of quarantine did not pass us by either: we filmed in medical masks and gloves, remembering about safety. By the way, photographers did not neglect her either and kept their distance. We talked to my family all day by video calls, especially with mothers: they certainly worried about us the most. It turned out that they also attended our wedding, but in a modern way, via the Internet. After that, we went together to the hotel, where we were greeted cordially and prepared: the room was strewn with rose petals, a welcome table was served, champagne and a full sense of celebration. And together in the room we celebrated this day, which became a whole story for us.

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My fiance now lives in Switzerland, and was supposed to arrive in Moscow a couple of days before the wedding. However, the development of the situation with the coronavirus in Europe has mixed our cards a little. Over the course of several days, we observed how the situation in the world was changing. And at some point, he bought a ticket to have time to fly to Russia before the flight was canceled, to be together before the wedding. In addition, he was already awaiting a two-week quarantine upon arrival. Towards the end of March, it became clear that restaurants in Russia would also be closed to prevent the spread of infection, and disruptions would be possible with air traffic. Of course, we became worried that we would not be able to hold the wedding as planned. We were also worried about our parents, as traveling during this time meant putting them at unnecessary risk. Uncertainty is, of course, most depressing. We supported ourselves constantly, said words of love to each other, and that the most important thing is to be together. Then we made a decision: let us not carry out as planned. But we will carry it out the way we want it now – only for us. In addition, people always got married: during wars, during blockades, and during the plague. The main thing is to always remember about safety and follow the recommendations of competent persons. We ordered one car just for us, ordered flower delivery via the Internet and other necessary things. We agreed with the photographer and videographer, discussing the terms of work. And with peace of mind they called the registry office to confirm our visit for marriage registration.

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We advise you to always remember what this day is for in general. Remember those bright feelings that they have for their chosen ones. Despite all the circumstances, create families, love each other. In any case, no matter how this day goes, you will remember it. Plus, he only enacts your happy married life. With this mood, no circumstance can darken your wedding day. For example, we decided to hold a ceremony with our parents later, when the situation in the world stabilizes. Somewhere on the islands, in a romantic setting. Plus, it will be another reason to wear a wedding dress.

Photo: Andrey Nastasenko.

Text: Zhanna Spiridonova.

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