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Geometry of Love: The Road to Home

Geometry of Love: The Road to Home

Yura and Masha

An author’s creative product with a precisely found concept for a specific couple and with a unique direction – this is every wedding project of TOBELOVE Agency. And each, as a rule, has new creative ideas and fresh directorial finds. Yura and Masha’s wedding is another ambitious Tubilava project. This is a two-part wedding. Winter intimate event and bright autumn celebration. The first for 45 guests, the second for 120.

Wedding “Geometry of Love”held in February, was a stunning “surprise” for the bride and groom. We prepared the celebration together with the couple’s parents. The wedding ceremony, which we organized and which became a lyrical act with “geometric” choreography, turning the podium into a home table, is a gift from them.

The second wedding is like a new episode of a single film. It was called “The Geometry of Love: The Road to Home”… The main directorial decision of the September celebration was the reception of a “smart home” with “artificial intelligence”. This is a kind of Siri prototype – the couple called her Allochka. During the evening, an invisible female voice, accompanied by jingles, screen and light, interacted with the host of the evening and guests.

On this project, the most modern technologies were used and an ambitious technical idea was implemented. The setup equipment that was involved can be called truly unique. The screen, the total length of which is 32.5 meters, is simply impressive in its dimensions. The smooth transition in space from walls to ceiling gave the feeling of immersion in the atmosphere of video content, which was formed in real time in the innovative Notch software in 8K resolution. The ability to integrate Notch projects into the popular TouchDesigner environment is literally the latest in realtime graphics without the use of specialized servers. And we, creating a beautiful celebration for a modern couple, tried not to miss such an opportunity.

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A non-standard screen-road divided the hall in half. The side parts of it allowed the show to unfold on one and the other side of the hall. Having come up with two scenes, we understood: it is important to stay in symmetry. Therefore, it was decided to leave the couple’s table in the center, placing it on a rotating podium. So the angle of view of the heroes of the evening changed depending on the program and the movement of the action.

The beginning of the autumn wedding celebration was the loud appearance of the groom, who deafened the area with the roar of a motorcycle, making a spectacular turn in front of the bride and guests. And one of the exciting moments at the end of the evening was the show of Love Story, which was filmed in four countries: Russia, Finland, Switzerland and Croatia. The guests watched the story of Yura and Masha with interest on the big screen.

Photo: Andrey Nastasenko, Elena Pavlova.



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