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Exit ceremony: and a cozy evening with your family

Exit ceremony: and a cozy evening with your family

Alexander and Natalia


The main idea was to visually convey some emotional and lyrical waves, vibrations between lovers. This became especially clear in the evening with the daylight leaving, when the light accents in the ceremony area and the waves themselves began to truly “move”, shimmer and “live”.

Wedding day

The wedding of Sasha and Natasha was very active, cheerful and really noisy, but the tenderness and sensuality that burn very brightly in their relationship could not be hidden. The wedding of Natasha and Sasha was remembered for a very soulful evening in the circle of relatives and friends, delicious and varied cuisine, a touching ceremony by the water and a bright dance ending.

In the evening, Sasha and Natasha returned to the ceremony area to cut the cake, say back words to family and friends and take pictures together in a romantic setting.


Organizer: Bonweddings.

Photo: Dasha Reneva, Vladimir Zakharov.

Video: Dima Raduga.

Wedding Studio Bonweddings

Wedding Studio Bonweddings

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