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Country Club Wedding: Bright Red

Country Club Wedding: Bright Red

Alice and Sergey


Alice and Sergey know exactly what they want from life. They live in harmony with themselves and the world around them, and in love for each other.

Concept and decor

The couple chose red and burgundy as the main colors of the wedding – as bright as their love. At the same time, the bride wanted as much greenery as possible in the decor. Therefore, two styles were combined: rustic and classic. The first allowed the use of natural materials in all details of the celebration, and the second emphasized the elegance of the couple. Such a harmonious mix made the holiday individual and memorable.

Invitations have become a separate “highlight” of the design. Usually guests will receive an envelope with an invitation and a dress code card inside. This time, the bride chose an unusual option: the invitation containing all the necessary information was folded into an envelope and tied with a red and burgundy ribbon in the style of a celebration.


During the self-isolation regime, the agency was looking for possible options for holding the celebration while maintaining the style and concept. Due to the restrictions introduced, the location of the event was twice moved, focusing on the introduced indulgences. Each time, the image and decoration of the holiday changed for a specific location.

Through the eyes of a couple

Alice and Sergey have chosen the package “Wedding for 700” (options are also available “Wedding for 350” and “Wedding for 1,200,000”), which included: personal manager and coordinator at the time of organizing and holding the wedding; decor and floristry; location selection; polygraphy; organization of a banquet and a wedding cake; technical equipment and lighting design of the hall; photo session “Morning of the Bride” with the selection of a location or studio, makeup, hairstyle and image of the bride; special effects; welcome zone. As well as a presenter, photographer and videographer, light director, cover band, DJ. By the way, the agency’s project Vanilla Event Holding “A-la-Carte” won the 2019 Wedding Awards South.

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“Our wedding turned out fun, intense and unforgettable. The guests were delighted, and I am calm, I didn’t have to solve organizational issues and problems, ”Alice shared her impressions.

Organizer: wedding agency Vanilla Event HoldingAnd here you can read the advice of the agency Vanilla Event Holding on preparing for the wedding.

Photo: Roman Yanmaev, Vyacheslav Puzenko.

Text: Marina Shevchenko.

Vanilla Event Holding

Vanilla Event Holding

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