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Chamber wedding in Italy: wedding of a couple from the wedding industry

Chamber wedding in Italy: wedding of a couple from the wedding industry

Roman and Nadia

Wedding photographer Roman Ivanov (finalist of Wedding Awards 2018) and wedding videographer Kroshka_hope are a bright couple in the industry. They film and edit weddings almost every day. We are sure you will be interested to see how their own wedding went. Wedding asked Nadia to talk about the main day. By the way, both Roman and Nadya participate in the Wedding Awards 2019. You can vote for them here.

– We have seen the script of the wedding day so many times, listened to vows, love stories, but never thought how touching it could be, until we ourselves found ourselves in this role.

On the first day, we had a pre-wedding dinner planned. All our guests gathered in the kitchen and in the living room, to whom we told that together we should prepare pasta and 4 different sauces. It was the most relaxed acquaintance. Perhaps white wine also contributed to this.

Waking up the next day, I felt anxiety, for a second I even wanted to run away. Then there was the morning of the bride – make-up and a glass of prosseco, and shooting in the bathroom. Then we spent time with friends by the pool – we wanted to spend maximum time with the guests, and not on the set for the two of us.

Then it was time to put on that very dress and veil. I was worried and decided that my oath was not good enough, began to frantically rewrite it with my left hand, smearing everything from the speed of my thoughts, when the pen did not have time to describe the whole range of feelings. That was the peak of excitement for me! My brother led me to the beginning of the ceremony. And the ceremony itself was conducted by our friend, who knows us well, so her words were in the very heart. Exchange of wedding vows … I did not experience any stronger positive emotions. Indescribable joy that all these people are here, nearby and happy!

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We asked the guests to speak not toasts, but stories connected with us, their feelings when meeting or at our wedding. We sat for several hours at the table, interrupting only for the first dance under the lights of Tuscany.

Organizer: Wow-Wedding.

Photographer: Anna Timoshenko.



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