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A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Wedding in the Woods

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Wedding in the Woods

Maria and Constantine


Maria and Konstantin dreamed of a “forest wedding”. During the discussion, the idea was born to make an allusion to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


The territory of the event is a real forest inside the metropolis, hidden from prying eyes. A wooden veranda, glowing water lilies in the pond and century-old trees are what you need to immerse your guests in the atmosphere of a forest fairy tale! The fairytale forest appeared inside the veranda itself thanks to the team of decorator Lydia Simonova. Many light bulbs flickered through the green branches above the guests’ tables. The decorators also created artificial logs of trees with mirrored surfaces, adding forest decor to a real forest.


Mysterious sounds of the forest and birdsong. Elves and fairies are the keepers of love. The bride emerged from the depths of the thicket, accompanied by her grandfather. The exchange of vows was the most touching moment of the celebration. In the finale, after the kiss of the newlyweds, the forest, as if by magic, enveloped in a bright purple fog.


Friends of the newlyweds prepared creative gifts: short films, music videos and live performances. All this filled the wedding with humor, personalization and made it incredibly atmospheric.

Organizer: WeDoAgency.

Photo: Nikolay Zverkov, Yulia Frantova.

Author: Zhanna Spiridonova.

WeDoAgency wedding agency

WeDoAgency wedding agency

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