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Сrystal Ocean: wedding in the Constantine Palace

Сrystal Ocean: wedding in the Constantine Palace

The wedding agency Royal Wedding spoke about the wedding of Alexander and Milana, which took place in the Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg last summer.

According to the concept, called Crystal Ocean, the main events were to take place in the very center of the ocean, among iridescent crystals, transparent and mirrored glass drops. A teardrop-shaped podium, splashes of water, flower foam, a crystal waterfall – all this has become just a background for a crystal shimmering in all shades – a charming bride.

The concept of the wedding of Alexander and Milana was based on the story of their acquaintance – the couple met during a sailing regatta. It is no coincidence that the venue for the event was chosen: the city of St. Petersburg is the groom’s hometown, despite the fact that the couple lives in Geneva. None of the existing sites matched the ambitious idea. It was decided to create a place for the celebration on its own. For this purpose, the entire Konstantinovsky Palace was rented for 21 days together with the territory of the park. In 14 days, 400 technical personnel created a mirror pavilion with an area of ​​1200 sq.m.

When designing the Mirror Pavilion – the main venue – 3 scenes were created. The central stage was dedicated to the performance of key artists. The side, located on the balcony, became the venue for the performance of the cover band. A round podium in the center of the hall was created for the opening intro and the bride and groom’s first dance. In addition to the pavilion, an open terrace with an area of ​​300 sq.m was thought out. A photo zone and a recreation area for guests were organized here, here all the guests of the holiday gathered to watch a pyrotechnic laser show.

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The Royal Wedding agency team was tasked with organizing a rich program for the wedding guests for all three days of their stay in St. Petersburg.

The bride’s dress was created by the famous fashion designer Zuhair Murad.

Entering the Mirror Pavilion, the guests seemed to find themselves at the bottom of the ocean, among iridescent crystals, transparent and mirror glass drops, under the bizarre bionic lines of waves. The presenters Andrey Malakhov and Yana Churikova helped to tell the story of the couple. Each concert number, each artist’s costume was worked out based on the concept and project. The choir and Soprano Turetsky, Grigory Leps, dancers, musicians and gymnasts performed that evening.

The performances of the artists on stage were accompanied by specially created video content and graphics on a panoramic screen in the back of the stage. The culmination of the evening was multimedia on the water. The day ended with an after-party with DJ Smash.

Organizer: Royal Wedding.

Photo: Andrey Nastasenko.

Videographer: Victor Ivanov.

Author: Anna Ivanova.

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