Wedding Venue: Uhvat Restaurant

The cuisine of the Uhvat restaurant is based on the best Russian traditions, multiplied by modern technologies. Having carefully studied the peculiarities of the languishing technique and collecting knowledge about the art of stove, here you will be treated and amazed. At Uhvat, food is truly stewed in the oven, simmered for 6, 12 and even 18 hours! This traditional, […]

How to choose a wedding look: using a non-trivial method

Wedding stylist Elena Yurina told Wedding how knowledge of numerology, psychology and Tarot helps her to offer an interesting image to brides. After the release of the cartoon “Soul” on the big screens, the world of esotericism became even more entrenched in consciousness. And all the magical moments that they thought about, but were afraid to speak openly, came to […]

Ex-lead singer of the Chelsea group Roman Arkhipov got married: details of the wedding in the Moscow region

The ex-lead singer of the Chelsea group Roman Arkhipov has now dropped out of the squad of enviable bachelors – on Saturday, September 7, in one of the Moscow region restaurants, Roman Arkhipov’s wedding took place and Alisa Ogorodnikova, also known under the pseudonym Eliss. Alice is also an enviable bride: she is a daughter famous cinematographer of Russia and […]

Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov signed: K + K = Love

Today, September 13, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and theater director Konstantin Bogomolov entered into an official marriage. Registration took place at the Griboyedov registry office. The first photos from the celebration were shared by the bride herself, in her telegram channel. And earlier, in the morning, I posted a picture on Instagram: on her arm and Konstantin’s arm, there are […]

Ksenia Sobchak’s wedding: how was the preparation

On Friday, September 13th, a wedding ceremony was held in the center of Moscow, directed by Konstantin Bogomolov and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. Preparation for the solemn event: from the choice of the bride’s dress to the gastronomic accompaniment of the evening, was held with the participation of the Bosco Ceremony project in Petrovsky Passage. The Bosco Ceremony space contains […]